Use-case: Healthcare

The healthcare sector is one of the most vulnerable industries in the world and any attack can put patients’ health and life at risk.

Hospitals worldwide suffered Ransomware attacks in recent years with threats like WannaCry and NotPetya encrypting files and preventing access to patients’ medical files.
Stolen patients medical information was used to extort money from hospitals & healthcare providers to prevent leaks and also used to target the patients.

With limited resources and budgets, hospitals & healthcare providers are constantly seeking affordable yet cutting-edge technologies & solutions to protect their systems and patients’ data.

Deceptive Bytes’ Active Endpoint Deception solution prevents different cyber attacks to keep your endpoints, including workstations and servers, from damage caused by such attacks to keep not just your business safe, but also your patients’ & customers’ data.

It reduces your operational costs and operational burden since it’s
easy to deploy and manage, so you can protect your entire institute in less time and less expenses without compromising your security.