Use-case: MSSPs

MSSPs aspect

Managed Security Service Providers are on the frontlines when combating cyber threats, not just for them but most of all for their customers, who are targeted every day by threat actors from around the globe.
MSSPs are in-charge of the cyber security aspects of their customers, including monitoring their environments, detecting threats, investigating & prioritizing security incidents. This keeps MSSP operators busy and overwhelmed handling many attacks which increase their operational burden and the customers’ costs & risk.

Deceptive Bytes’ Active Endpoint Deception solution prevents different cyber attacks and threats to keep MSSPs & their customers’ endpoints safe, including workstations and servers, from damage caused by such potential attacks, allowing the service provider to focus on other aspects related to cyber security of their customers.
By allowing the MSSP to manage multiple companies under one management server, it reduces a lot of the burden the operators are facing managing several environments at once at any given time.

Solution architecture for MSSPs

Key advantages for MSSPs:

  • Improve customers’ cyber resilience
  • Control multiple customers using 1 management server (reduces burden & operational costs)
  • Change tactics from threat hunting to threat prevention
  • Help to focus on customers’ other cyber threats/risks
  • High ROI both to the MSSP and customers

In addition to reducing costs by preventing attacks (rather than just detecting and remediating), Deceptive Bytes’ Active Deception platform integrates to Windows Defender & Windows Firewall which helps enterprises & SMEs reduce costs on traditional endpoint security tools without compromising the organization’s security posture. Allowing the MSSPs operators to strengthen security, receive additional data on attacks but without the extra costs related to such tools.